Pre Conceptual Counseling RenoAlthough we do not offer Obstetrical care through our office we frequently manage first trimester pregnancy issues.

A healthy pregnancy is one that includes extensive counseling before conception.

Many problems can be addressed long before confirmation of pregnancy.
Immunization requirements are addressed. A history of Rubella, Chickenpox, Hepatitis and CMV amongst others are all important. Lifestyle changes are critical before problems are encountered. These include weight loss, smoking cessation, diet adjustments, treatment and control of medical disorders, exercise schedules and optimization of general health.

Family history can be very important with respect to preconcepual counselling and this includes many genetic disorders that are common.

Many medications should be stopped or changed before conceiving.

Use of prenatal vitamins is important – folic acid being the most important.

Optimal control of diabetes is critical for healthy pregnancy outcome.

High blood pressure issues, heart and kidney disorders must be addressed before pregnancy is confirmed.

Consultation with appropriate medical specialists helps to manage problems long before they are encountered.

Referral to high risk obstetrical specialists and geneticists is very important for those women who have special health or age related issues.

Referral to infertility specialists is encouraged in those women who have a history of recurrent pregnancy losses or if difficulty conceiving is an issue.

We do infertility evaluation and treatment in the office at Associated Gynecology

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