Pelviscopy Reno

Associated Gynecology is trained in the Pelviscopy, or Operative Laparoscopy, procedure for women who may be experiencing a variety of ailments, including:

  • Ovarian Cysts, fluid-filled sacs that can form in the ovaries, most often during childbearing years and ovulation.
  • Pelvic Adhesions, scar tissue that can cause internal organs to be stuck together causing intense pain and even endometriosis.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), an infection of a woman’s reproductive organs, often caused by sexually transmitted diseases, causing pain, fever or unusual bleeding. If undetected PID can reduce possibility of future pregnancy (or fertility options).
  • Abdominal Pelvic Masses, slow-developing compilations often brought on by other medical ailments occurring in the internal organs.

Our Pelviscopy Method and Findings

Associated Gynecology’s Pelviscopy procedure allows our skilled surgeons to avoid an open abdominal incision and provide only an outpatient surgery. This minimally invasive technique reduces patient discomfort and any visible scar while providing better results than an open surgery.

During the Pelviscopy procedure, our surgeons use a small tube with a small camera that allows our doctors to diagnose and possibly remove any dangerous or damaged materials. With full view of their operating field, the Pelviscopy surgery ensures precision and safety for patients.

Speedy Recovery Time at Associated Gynecology

Associated Gynecology works to preserve internal tissues during its Pelviscopy procedures, allowing faster patient recovery and, in most cases, the ability to send patients home the same day of surgery. The procedure comes with minimal risk and leaves patients feeling minimal post-operative pain or discomfort.

Associated Gynecology has been a longstanding leader in the field of Gynecology and gynecological surgery, and we offer several surgical procedures from which patients can choose from. We are proud to be a leader in minimally invasive surgery and we work hard to ensure our patients receive a comfortable experience from the front desk to the surgical table.

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