Chronic Pelvic Pain RenoChronic pelvic pain is common in women of reproductive age. The cause of pelvic pain is often poorly understood and efforts to establish a cause by diagnostic modalities, including laparoscopy frequently reveal no obvious cause for pain. Pain may have a psychological basis or component although a specific cause must always be excluded.

Common causes include:

1. Endometriosis
2. Pelvic inflammatory disease
3. Ovarian disorders
4. Adhesions
5. Fibroid tumors
6. Adenomyosis (endometriosis of then uterus)
7. Dysmenorrhea – pain of menstruation.
8. Pelvic prolapse.

Pelvic pain may be caused by problems unrelated to a woman’s gynecological health and include problems related to the bowels, urinary system, muscles, nerves and skeleton.

Detailed physical exam includes also the use of ultrasound, CT scan and MRI. Consultation with other medical specialties is often advised.

Treatment is directed at the cause and may include biofeedback, acupuncture, physical therapy and transcutaneous nerve stimulation.
Specialized spinal nerve stimulators have recently been used in certain select patients with difficult to treat problems

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